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Life Can Be Unpredictable

We offer a wide range of flexible, affordable Life Insurance plans to suit every budget and need.


Security for your family with permanent protection that stands the test of time.

Individual Whole Life Insurance can be an effective method of protecting your family’s assets with guaranteed death benefits, level premium payments and permanent coverage that can never be cancelled as long as the premium is paid.

An essential estate planning tool, Whole Life Insurance can offer mortgage protection as well as funding for retirement and education


Eliminate the insecurity of “living too long and dying too soon”. Universal Life plans are good for any stage of life.

Universal Life plans offer maximum flexibility. You can choose the amount of protection that best suits your needs, and adjust this coverage as your needs change. You can also control the amount and frequency of payments and make withdrawals or increase contributions as required. Interest rates can appreciate in these plans improving one’s savings.


Provide your family with the protection they need during the “term” of your policy.

Term Life Insurance is the most cost effective and simplest form of insurance. Coverage can be purchased for a specified period for which protection is needed. Ideal for persons who have a temporary need for life insurance protection, a Term Life policy can also be converted to a permanent policy.


An endowment policy allows the policy holder to accumulate a specific amount of money at a set price on a specific date. The policy also allows for a beneficiary to receive the specified amount of cash in the event of death of the insured prior to the endowment date.

Endowments at age 18 and 20 are specifically designed for children's education. Parents and legal guardians are encouraged to purchase these plans to ensure that cash is on hand for continued education.

Maturity at 20 and 30 years up to age 65 years are designed for persons saving up for a specific project and are also attractive for retirement.


A Final Expense Insurance Plan can cover the financial obligations related to funeral, legal and even outstanding medical expenses and can be used to pay outstanding debts. Available for purchase up to age 75, it relieves your family of the stress and uncertainty often associated with making arrangements. It can be purchased in addition to traditional life insurance so that your beneficiaries need not use funds you allocated for their living expenses.


A Burial Society Plan is ideal for groups of 35 persons or more who are members of organizations such as churches, civic groups, fraternities or sororities. It can offer burial coverage at very affordable premiums.