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Prepare for your future with solid investments!

People are living longer these days. That means you may spend almost as long in retirement as you did working. How will you maintain your standard of living over 20 or even 30 years?


Take control of your future today with investments that guarantee you income later on in life so you can live your dreams!

Having an annuity means you have a contract with our company in which we agree to pay you an income in the future in exchange for your policy payments. Annuities can be used to help with retirement, savings, investments and even a child’s college education.


BAF Financial SMART Individual Retirement Plan (IRP) is designed for individuals who are ready to take charge of their financial future.

A BAF SMART IRP is suitable for:

  • Self-Employed persons
  • Professionals and professional firms
  • Large Employer sponsored plans needing options
  • Small Employer sponsored plans needing options
  • Supplementing a current retirement plan


Join hundreds of women who have discovered DREAMS WOMAN'S INVESTMENT GROUP ... A Women’s financial investment group.

Dreams Women’s Financial Investment Group, developed in 2003 makes it possible for increasing numbers of Bahamian women to realize their goals by bringing like minded women together to empower them with the financial knowledge and investment tools to make their dreams a reality.

Dreams reinforces a mindset for goal setting, savings and investing by providing meeting places and opportunities for members to interact with and benefit from successful women, investment education, automatic $5,000 in Life Insurance coverage and so much more.