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Our purpose is longer, healthier, happier lives.

BAF MedSafe offers a wide range of health insurance options to suit every need. We are your health partner advocating and providing a range of personalized healthcare services and support throughout the lives of our members. As your health partner, we enable you to make informed healthcare decisions.


This network provides you with comprehensive access to primary care and specialists visits, diagnostic services and inpatient treatment at a wide range of clinics and hospitals. You will have access to the BAF network of providers in the Bahamas, and the wider Caribbean, including Doctors Hospital in Nassau and Health City in the Cayman Islands. In the USA, BAF members can access thousands of hospitals and Centers of Excellence through an arrangement with our long-standing partner, United Healthcare International, one of the largest health insurers in the USA.

BAF MedSafe Critical Care 500

BAF MedSafe Critical Care 500 is specifically designed to cover major illnesses and injuries that can have a catastrophic impact on you and your family. The product also provides transportation services for emergency evacuation via air and ground ambulance. BAF MedSafe products ensure you have access to the right medical care when you need it most.

BAF MedSafe Secure Care Plus

Designed with a robust set of benefits, BAF Secure Care Plus covers outpatient diagnostics, inpatient / outpatient surgery and emergency evacuation to provide you with the confidence in health management you seek. Additional benefits include preventative care, maternity and air ambulance to ensure you have comprehensive medical protection for every situation.