FlexiCare is a flexible plan that fits comfortably within your budget and allows you to choose a level of hospital care that fits your needs.  FlexiCare is a personal healthcare insurance plan that can be bought up to the age of 65 and offers you access to the best medical care within The Bahamas. lt is from the BAF NEW Bahamian Lifestyles series.
How It Works
The reimbursement of hospital expenses paid to you by FlexiCare depends on the amount of benefit you purchase. For example, if your cover is $200 per day, this is the amount you will receive. You must pay any costs that exceed that amount. If however, your expenses are less than 50% of the limit you have selected, BAF will pay you 50% of your policy limit.

The money you spend is returned to you on presentation of a receipt proving surgery or for the days you have spent in hospital. BAF will pay directly to you the amount of money that matches the level of cover you have chosen when taking out your plan. Even though you may be covered by a group plan with your employer, FlexiCare gives you cash in hand to cover any other additional costs associated with your stay in hospital. This may be extra care you have received, child-rearing costs, or even to spend on a holiday to help you recuperate.

FlexiCare lets you choose any amount of cover for each of these three categories:

  •  Hospital Daily Benefit
  •  Surgical Expense Benefit
  •  In-Hospital Doctors' Visits

The Benefits 

  • Annual medical checkup 
  • Annual Mammogram for women
  • Annual PSA testing for men
  • In-pateint & our-patient hospital care
  • Maternity benefit
  • Cancer treatment
  • Prescription coverage 

Your Commitment
You agree to pay a regular level monthly payment (this can be paid automatically), that can be renewed annually by British America Financial, Premium rates will vary for men and women and the age which the policy is issued. Though unlikely, British American Financial reserves the right to change your premium at any time in the future.

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