There’s nothing more important than your health...Protect it!

Being in good health and having access to the best healthcare if you need it are the most important factors to living a secure, happy life. No matter your status in life, you and your loved ones may one day need healthcare. Whether your needs are routine such as a doctor’s visit or major, requiring a hostpial stay, having the right health insurance can make all the difference to ensuring you receive the quality care you deserve.

  • BAF MedSafe

    Covering you wherever you are

    BAF MedSafe offers a wide range of health insurance options to suit every need. BAF MedSafe insurance products are supported by United Health Care International in the USA, the largest single health insurer in the United States. This partnering enables MedSafe members access to 595,000 doctors and almost 5,000 hospitals worldwide which mean access to the very best in health care services. Make your choice from two excellent plans.

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  • Flexicare

    Flexibility that fits your budget

    Everyone likes flexibility. FlexiCare allows you to choose a level of care while in hospital that will give you peace of mind that you are getting the best care the Bahamas has to offer while fitting comfortably within your budget. FlexiCare is a personal healthcare insurance plan that can be bought up to the age of 65. You choose the amount of cover for Hospital Daily benefit, surgical Expense and In-Hospital Doctors visits benefit. The choice is all yours.

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