Sportsman Accident Plan

Sports teams can suffer injuries due to accidents. Protect your team with a plan that reimburses you for the medical bills you incurred while playing your team sport.

Who Can Be Covered?

Persons under the age of 61, who participate in team/group activities are eligible.

What Period is Covered?

The current season for which the sport is played for a maximum of 6 months for accidents occurring during team activity.

Where is Coverage Available?

The coverage extends anywhere in the World. In the case of an accident occurring outside of The Bahamas, an official receipt in English must be submitted for reimbursement of the equivalent in Bahamian Dollars.

Where can Treatment be Secured?

Treatment can be received from health care providers licensed and recognized, by the Government of The Bahamas. If the accident occurs outside of The Bahamas, the healthcare provider must be licensed and recognized in that country and claims and receipts must be submitted in English. Family members are not authorized to give treatment in cases of emergency. An official receipt must be provided with each claim. All eligible claims must be submitted within 8 weeks of the date of any accident.

How does the plan pay?

This plan in a reimbursement plan - where the Insured will pay for medical services in full and then submit a claims with all relative documentation required for payment. The plan will reimbursed the insured at 100% of medical expenses to benefit limit.

Advantages & Benefits

There are many advantages inherent in this Accident Policy:

  • The rates are low due to extensive and wide support throughout The Bahamas.
  • Participation levels assure group rates and minimum premium levels.
  • The organization shows that they are conscious of their social responsibility
  • Coverage is available during the sports activity.
  • The process is kept simple and fast to help in times of need.
  • The plan provides a broad spectrum of cover that provides care for many of the most frequent incidents and accidents.
  • The Plan provides Insurance =cover by a company that you trust and in which you can have confidence.

For more information on our Sportsman Accident Plan, download our brochure below or call 242-322-1570 today!