School Accidents Plan 

Accidents and sickness are some of the realities of life. No one is exempt. An accident can happen to any one of us at any time-on or off the campus.

The School Accidents Plan is specifically designed, using many years of experience and knowledge, to cover the basic risks faced on an everyday basis by students and their teachers while being active on the school campus, during a field trip or even while performing non-school related activities. 

Backed by the strength of a Company you can trust and have confidence in, the School Accident Plan provides a broad spectrum of cover that provides care for many of the most frequent incidents and accidents. In addition by offering the School Accident Plan, the schools show that they are conscious of their social responsibility.

Choose the plan that is best suited to you and your circumstances The Plan is offered at two different levels to suit most needs and financial abilities. You can chose the one best suited to you and your circumstances. The available benefits are different under each Option but regardless of which you choose, there are some undeniable advantages to having a School Accident Plan.

The Benefits
  • Affordable rates made possible with minimum group participation and minimum premum levels
  • There is cover available 24/7/365 whenever an accident occurs.
  • Speedy access to care through a selection of providers
  • Fast, simple processing
Who Can Be Covered?
  • All students, faculty and staff member's are eligible.
What Period is Covered?
  • Both Options cover a period that is 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.
Where is Coverage Available?
  • The Coverage under both Options extends anywhere in the World. In the case of an accident occurring outside the Bahamas, an official receipt in English must be submitted for reimbursement of the equivalent in Bahamian dollars.
Where can Treatment be Secured?

Treatment can be had at approved health care providers licensed and recognized by the Government of the Bahamas. Family members are not authorized to give treatment except in cases of emergency. All claims from providers not approved will have to be submitted for reimbursement. An official receipt must be supplied with each claim. All eligible claims must be submitted within 52 weeks of the date of an accident.

Please note: Claims must be submitted within 6 months of the date of service

For more information on our School Accident Plan, download our brochure below or call 242-322-1570 today!