• School Accident Plan

    Accidents happen - Be prepared

    Accidents and sickness are some of the realities of life. No one is exempt. An accident can happen to any one of us at any time-on or off the campus. The School Accident Plan is specifically designed, using many years of experience and knowledge, to cover the basic risks that will be faced on an everyday basis by students and their teachers. Teachers and students alike can be faced with risk and accidents both as a result of their occupation and while on the school campus, as well as, like everyone else, during their other non-school activities. 

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  • Business Fit Medical Insurance

    An affordable employee benefit

    Corporate Employee Benefit solutions from BAF can provide flexible and safe alternatives for medium and larger-sized companies where affordability for employees is essential – taking care of employee well-being, whilst ensuring cost control. We are specialists in managing Employee Benefits. Along with our global network of partners we have designed a best in breed solution to manage Employee Benefits, putting excellent employee service and employer cost reduction at the core of everything we do.

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  • Sportsman Accident Plan

    Keeping you fit and healthy to play

    Team sports is all fun and games until someone gets hurt and the cost of medical attention becomes burdensome. The Sportsman Accident Plan reimburses medical expenses incurred while playing or during team activities while the sport is in season. Whether your team plays only locally or travels to compete, this plan can bring you peace of mind.

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