BAF SMART Individual Retirement Plan (IRP)

Take Charge of your Financial Future!

Everyone dreams of retiring one day but dreaming alone is not enough. You can turn your dream into reality with proper planning and a BAF SMART IRP. 

A BAF SMART IRP is suitable for:

  • Self-Employed persons
  • Professionals and professional firms
  • Large Employer sponsored plans needing options
  • Small Employer sponsored plans needing options
  • Supplementing a current retirement plan

There are three plans to choose from.

  • BAF SaveSmart Fund: You are guaranteed an interest rate which is declared on an annual basis.
  • Versatile Fixed Income Fund: A conservative fund designed to preserve your capital by investing in government bonds, corporate bonds and preferred shares.
  • BAF Balanced Growth Fund: A moderate growth fund designed to preserve capital while producing long term income and capital appreciation by investing in a diversified combination of equities and fixed income instruments.

Starting your BAF SMART IRP is easy

Start with as little as $500, choose the fund that is right for you, commit to a minimum monthly contribution of $100 with an automatic form of payment and watch your future unfold.

Added Benefit

Your BAF SMART IRP comes with up to $10,000 Accidental Life Coverage at no additional cost.

Portable & Flexible

Transfer your employer sponsored pension to the IRP if you change your job. You can choose to have your fund remain with BAF or transferred to another plan. If your circumstances change, you can switch between plans once within a 12 month period without incurring any surrender charges or penalties.


A BAF personal financial services & investments specialist will help you to choose the plan best suited to your goals, preferences and time horizon.

For more information on how to secure your retirement income, make an appointment with a Financial Services specialist today.  

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