Corporate Pension Plan

If you have employees then you know that employee satisfaction and successful business results go hand in hand. We believe that helping your employees secure their financial future will keep your employees – yours! Talk to us about your employees, your goals for their future and your budget and one of our professional agents will help you choose a plan that’s right for your business and your employees.

We offer a variety of options to meet every retirement need, including:

  • defined benefit
  • defined contribution
  • saving plans
  • personal pensions
  • executive pensions
  • annuities

BAF Corporate Pension Services include

  • Dynamic & Flexible Design Options
  • Investment Services
  • Record Keeping and Administrative Services
  • Receipt and Collection of Pension Contributions
  • Trustee and Compliance Services
  • Accounting Services and Actuary Reports
  • Timely Employee Statements
  • Employee Seminars and Consultations

For more information on how to Keep Your Employees - YOURS, Make an appointment with a Financial Services specialist today.  

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