Dreams Investment

Everyone has a dream. Your dreams may take on different shapes and forms or even colours.

Making a dream come true requires knowledge, planning, and resources to turn them into reality. DREAMS, a women's investment group was developed in 2003 with YOU in mind. DREAMS makes it possible for increasing numbers of Bahamian women to realize their goals by bringing like-minded women together to empower them with the financial knowledge and investment tools to make their dreams a reality.

The DREAMS Investment group enables women to pool their funds for greater investment power. By investing in fixed income instruments comprised mainly of mortgages, Bahamas Government Registered Stock and Bonds, the DREAMS Portfolio allows women to invest with low risk and the comfort of a fixed return.

Because money management requires discipline, DREAMS reinforces a mindset for goal setting, savings and investing by providing you with:

  • meeting places and opportunities for members to interact with successful women from diverse fields in order to benefit from their knowledge, advice and expertise.
  • quarterly high powered seminars focused on investor education and ongoing financial training.
  • speakers representing a broad range of career fields including Financial Services and Investments, Legal Services, Entrepreneurial Ventures, Real Estate and more.
  • annual statement of their investment account
  • a quarterly newsletter that highlights achievements of members and provides current updates on business and financial opportunities.
  • ongoing support and reinforcement
  • Join hundreds of women who are investing in the DREAMS today. To become a member requires a minimum deposit of $500 and a minimum monthly contribution of $100 which can be made via salary deduction, pre-authorized, or post-dated cheques. If you choose, you may select the fixed option by depositing $2500 in one lump-sum with no monthly contribution required.

To start dreaming today, join us at our next meeting or contact any member of our Financial Services and Investments team at

242-461-1000 or email us at dreams@mybafsolutions.com